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Concept Rationale ~ Asia's Perfect 10 Paradise


Every traveller has his own mental images of what makes an ideal holiday destination. The seashells on the beach. The corals and other underwater wonders. Blue skies. Verdant rainforests and many more. These are commonalities in ASEAN. ASEAN therefore is many things to many people.


The visit ASEAN logo suggests all these lovely images. It can mean anything that the viewer wants to imagine or dream. Yet is is not one real thing that can limit significance in people's minds.


It is a graphic representation of what we want the world to perceive when they think of ASEAN. That it consist of 10 "parts" which, when seen as one, can be a dream. These are the 10linear curves which reflect gentleness, grace, charm, and enchantment. The look altogether suggests peace and tranquility on one hand and its upward strokes, on the other, suggest vibrance, dynamism and even idealism.


The colours used suggest the treasures found within, the wide expanse of blue skies, blue waters, virgin rainforests, the natural wonders of ecology and a variety of cultures. This combination is not only attractive, it is also soothing to the eye.


The Visit ASEAN logo, sells dreams - 10 dreams in one - which beautifully enhances the tagline, Asia's Perfect 10 Paradise.  

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