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Kuala Lumpur Destination


Kuala Lumpur is a city that never sleeps. During the day, it hums with commercial and business activities. At night, it is transformed into an entertainment capital. 


Selangor Destination


Selangor has many unexplored recreational forests and breathtaking waterfalls to awe even the most widely-traveled visitor.


Penang  Destination


The ‘ Pearl of the Orient’ – has always been a must-visit destination. Made up of Penang Island and Seberang Perai on the mainland, the island is a hugely popular vacation spot.


Perak  Destination


Perak has clean and pristine beaches, unspoiled and secluded islands, tranquil lakes, virgin rainforests, relaxing hill-resorts and charming towns.


Kedah Destination


One of the most appealing northern states, Kedah mirrors the quintessential Malay persona and offers visitors a glimpse into interesting people and mind-boggling attractions.


Kelantan Destination


Known as the ‘ Land of Lightning’, Kelantan is the best state to visit to witness and learn more about the Malay and Islamic consciousness and awareness. Visitors will also appreciate it for its natural beauty and rustic nature.


Perlis  Destination


Perlis is one of the best places to experience Malaysia’s rustic charms, paddy fields as far as the eye can see and ancient limestone outcrops.


Malaka  Destination


Malacca boasts many fine historical remains that will take you on a nostalgic journey that goes back to 500 years of a glorious and colorful past.


Johor  Destination


The southern sensation of Johor offers so many things to do, you would be hard-pressed to decide what to do first. No matter what your interest, a trip to Malaysia would not be complete without setting foot here.


Negeri.Sembilan Destination


Negeri Sembilan is steeped in tradition. Everywhere there are buildings to remind the visitor of the state’s proud Minangkabau heritage. There is much to discover in Negeri Sembilan for its special character and identity.


Pahang  Destination


Pahang is Peninsular Malaysia’s largest state and is a treasure chest waiting every kind of visitor. Exotic flora and fauna are an intrinsic part of the wild life and there is unspoiled beauty throughout the state. s sounds.



Terengganu Destination


Travel along the Terengganu coast and you will surely be awed by the beauty its boasts and the tranquillity it offers. From endless stretches of white sandy beaches with swaying coconut trees to superb diving sites.


Sarawak Destination


Known as the ‘ Land of Hornbills’, Sarawak is Malaysia’s largest state –making it one with many treasures that would enthrall the most discerning nature lovers.


Sabah Destination


Sabah is blessed with incredibly beautiful beaches and islands that are world-renowned for their ecological marvels. You can also climb the highest peak in the region.


Putrajaya  Destination


This landmark complex stretches over 11,320 acres. More than 70% of Putrajaya is devoted to greenery and water bodies with 13 different gardens.


Labuan Destination


From the rich and famous who love its selection of world-class resorts and five-star hotels for a tropical locale to hold their corporate get-togethers, the island has it all.

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