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  Malaysia Destination ~ Cool Highlands


Set amidst lush surroundings, the hill resort of Malaysia offer a change of pace, temperature and scenery. Here you can find seclusion and privacy wherever you choose to stay, whether it to be in inexpensive chalets, quaint bunglows or international class hotels. Reflecting Malaysia's colonial past, many of these resorts were fonded by Englishmen seeking respite from the heat below.


Tudor cottages, tea houses and well kept flower gardens characterise the countryside charm of these hilly hideaways. The state of Pahang is blessed with three of the most frequented resorts, namely Cameron Highlands, Fraser's Hill and Genting Highlands. Outside of Pahang, Penang Hill and Bukit Larut are two other resorts which were built in the 1880's and still retain their charm and attraction.


Genting Highland, Pahang

Colmar Tropicale is the unique French-themed attraction at Bukit Tinggi Resort. It stands 2,600 feet above sea level on 80 acres of natural forestland. The first of its kind in Malaysia, it is modelled after the 16th Century Colmar Village in Alsace, France and has retained the authenticity and European feel of its counterpart. Submerge yourself in the French countryside ambience at Colmar Tropicale as its beautiful architecture and furnishings bring you back to times of yore.


Genting Highland, Pahang

Genting Highland, situated towards east of Kuala Lumpur is one of the well-developed hill resorts of Kuala Lumpur. It is situated around fifty kilometers from the KL city, about an hours drive and is an ideal place to pamper & re-charge yourself from the usual hustle-bustle of the KL's city life. Perched at about 2000 meter's above sea-level, Genting Highlands give welcome respite from the city¡¦s humidity. The landscape from top is fascinating with a mixture of mountains, fogs and greenery. Lush green tropical rainforest shrouded in a veil of perpetual mist makes it hard to believe that you are just minutes away from the sweltering equatorial heat and the ever dusty city. Genting Highland resort offers all of the excitement, luxury, and entertainment of an international resort combined with a theme park. Besides the cool air and scenic surroundings, this hilltop city also houses the country's one and only casino.


Cameron Highland, Pahang

Cameron Highlands is the largest hill resort in Malaysia located at the northwestern edge of Pahang state, at an altitude of 6,001ft (1,829m). Cameron Highlands was named after the surveyor, William Cameron, who in 1885 discovered a plateau at 4,500 feet. It was then recommended as a resort but it was not until 1925 that the present location was proposed as a hill resort, and developed.


Fraser's Hill, Pahang

Fraser Hill is located at 105km north of Kuala Lumpur around 1534 meters above sea - level on the Titiwangsa mountain range which is actually composed of seven hills of Peninsula Malaysia. The hills straddle along the Pahang-Selangor border and is a mere two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. The hill resort was named after an English adventurer and tin prospector James Louis Fraser who used to buy tin from Chinese prospectors and transported the ore to Kuala Kubu by mule train. Stories about his life include rumours of an opium and gambling. However, he disappeared during the first decade of the 20th century and was never seen again.


Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill), Perak

Bukit Larut was founded in 1888 and is Malaysia's oldest hill resort. It rises to a height of 1,035 metres, just 3km (10m mins drive) from Taiping, Perak. Bukit Larut was formerly known as Maxwell Hill. It is located in the wettest part of the country, this hill station experiences the highest rainfall in the country.


Penang Hill, Penang

The ride up the Funicular railway from the Lower Tunnel Station takes around half hour to the top. The early red and white cable cars were made in Switzerland and the funicular railway was a feat in engineering for Southeast Asia when its train carriage first passed through the steepest tunnel in Penang. Before the railway, the only way up was by horse, that is, Acehnese ponies or by being carried all the way up by Tamil coolies!


Jerai Hill, Kedah

Gunung Jerai plays a most important part in the history of Kedah. Years before Melaka became a central trading hub, the Indian and Arab merchants preferred Kedah as it is geographically positioned on the same latitude as Southern India. In those days, the ships got to their destinations by hugging close to the coastlines so that they didn't float away into the vast, open sea. This means that the ships could sail due east or west through the Bay of Bengal without getting lost. 


D'coconut Langkawi Hill,  Kedah

Rising 3000 feet above the peaceful island of Langkawi, D'Coconut Hill Resort in Gunung Raya is the perfect place for all of your mountain relaxation needs.

With Kuah town and the Langkawi airport just 35 minutes away it is the newest prime resort destination and member of the successful D'Coconut family of resorts.


Borneo Highland, Sarawak

In this exclusive resort, amidst the cool temperature climate of the tropical highlands, you can get back to nature, back to basics and enjoy the healthy, invigorating lifestyle that you and your family have always wanted in an unique and exclusive setting that will revitalize your body and uplift your soul.


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