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金马仑高原,  彭亨  Cameron Highland, Pahang


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  Strawberry Park Resort, Cameron Highland, Pahang



Strawberry Park Resort was specially built to be a perfect hideaway for those on a holiday or on business. The resort is set atop a 7-acre hill on a plateau over 5,000 feet above sea level in Cameron Highlands. It comprises six block of studios and apartments furnished and equipped in a manner to help make your stay an extraordinary experience. These buildings feature neo-Tudor architecture, and have been designed to match the calming, green surrounding. Even the balconies are planted with bougainvillaeas whose crimson flowers welcome you warmly at any time of the year.


In almost any direction you look, there is a mass of soothing green sometimes punctuated by hints of mist. Silence pervades. You will also enjoy the sort of service you do not often find today, fine food of various cuisine, and a wide range of excellent facilities for many types of social and recreational activities. Of course, there are also special activities lined up for those who want to go much closer to nature.


All this means that Strawberry Park Resort is a tangible manifestation of Nirvana on earth. Check into it, and you will get physically and emotionally charged by nature's own priceless, efficacious tonic and by the resort exceptional hospitality.


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Strawberry Park Resort Welcomes The World!

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