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Skiworld recommend St Anton as one of the best ski resorts in the world, and their endorsement seems to be matched by the World Alpine Skiing Championship organisers, who gave the resort the honour of hosting the event in 2001. The peaceful village nearby is a stark contrast to the buzzing internationally renowned ski slopes, but the two seem to fit together perfectly despite their obviously different feels. As the resort attracts ski enthusiasts from all over the world, there is a real cosmopolitan feel to the resort, although English remains the dominating language on the slopes.


Off of the slopes, St Anton's main street provides plenty of distractions, giving shoppers opportunity to search for jewellery, music, antiques, clothing and local crafts. The latter are worth a special mention, as traditional woodcarvings from the region are exported all over the world.


But what of the slopes themselves? Well, they're not for beginners, that's for sure. It's been said that in St. Anton, a blue run is a red, while a red is a black - they're pitched at experts and ambitious intermediate level skiers, but those that have the ability are sure to find the slopes endlessly rewarding. The only downside to it is that unless there's been a fresh snow-fall, conditions are sometimes less than perfect, because of the south-facing aspect. That said, if you're in luck with the snow-fall, then you're guaranteed to have one of the best European ski holidays of your life.

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